A Fact File about the Murray River.

Length: 2575 km (1,600 mi).

Name: The Murray gets it name from Sir George Murray, who was the then British Secretary of State for War and the Colinies in 1830 when Captain Charles Sturt reached the river.

Sources: Australian Alps

Country: Australia

States: New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia

Watershed Area: 1,061,469 km squared

Mouth: Goolwa, South Australia

Murray River is Australia's second longest river, the longest being the Darling River.  However, the Murray connects with the Darling and the combined length is 3,750 km.  The River Murray extends from New South Wales in the far north-west and is home to diverse landscapes and environments.

The Murray has been known to dry up completely in extreme drought, though is extremely rare.  The Murray river outlines the border between Victoria and New South Wales.


Cliffs along the Murray River, near Younghusband, South Australia


A picture of the Alps... very deserty indeed!


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